A Mini Guide to Best Tourist Destinations in Malta

Malta is among the best tourist destinations in the world. The beautiful island brings you new opportunities to experience all the places you might have seen in the pictures before. Malta enters the tourists’ hearts as the most spectacular destination you will ever visit. At first, Malta attracts tourists with its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters.

The Historical heritage and the collection of Arab and European influences make it irresistible. Malta is among one of the world’s ten small countries, with a 316-square kilometers area. If you know little about the country, it is a great idea to discover it without high expectations. Here are the top tourist attractions to explore in Malta.

Gozo Island 

The magnificent Gozo Island is the second-largest atoll, spread over 67 square km. The small size does not impact its pleasant appearance as it boasts some of the most picturesque sites. The Capital of Gozo Island is Victoria, and the citadel of Victoria is the most famous place in the city. When you reach this renovated fortified complex, take the stairs to the Assumption Cathedral. Besides the complex, there are some small museums, shops, and views from the peak of the fort. Another recommended visit to the capital of Gozo is the Basilica of Saint George, which is splendid and similar to the Valletta’s Cathedral of Saint John.


The capital of Malta comprises several charming places and alleys. Valletta has many museums, forts, attractive streets, and cultural attractions. With typical Maltese architecture, the historic center also ranks among UNESCO World Heritage sites. Everything in Valletta is pristine, and the buildings are in a magnificent state of the conversation. When you are in the city, consider visiting the Valletta Gate, Baraka Garden, San Telmo Fort, Co-Cathedral of Saint John, and the Palace of the Grand Master to know more about Maltese architecture.

Blue Grotto

Travel along the beautiful Maltese shoreline to get to Blue Grotto since it will give your eyes a unique, incredible, and grand landscape. Ideally, you can travel to the destination with some friends to enjoy the scenery the most. The Blue Grotto is a string of sea caves located on the south coast shore of the country. Visit the site in the first half of the day to enjoy a unique sight with vibrant colors, sunlight, and growing algae.

Neolithic Era Temples 

Malta possesses a rich collection of archaeological sites belonging to the Neolithic era. It is worth adding at least two megalithic temples to your itinerary to see the ruins of a 6000-year-old civilization even closer. The Hagar Qim temple is one of the most prominent ones. You can start the visit with a 4D movie to get more information about the temple, such as what it looked like at the time of construction 6000 years ago. You will be able to have a close-up view of stone structures, reconstructed statues, and lots more.

Popeye’s Village

The village became famous when a director went there to shoot Popeye Musical Comedy in the 1980s. Located in the northwest of Malta, Popeye Village has an open-air museum and amusement park. Visitors can divide the village into 27 fun locations where children can spend healthy time with Santa, interact with friends, and get their hands on numerous toys and other escapades. Adults may rent a paddleboard or kayak to go for excursions.

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