A Mini Guide to Visit Turkey in the Breezy Weather of July

Visiting Turkey in July can definitely give you a unique taste of diversity and richness. The modern Turkish region is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists worldwide. Once positioned as the masterpiece of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has a strategically influential location across Europe and Asia. Consequently, this prolific country gets a distinct identity through cultural and trade exchange. Visitors love the taste of delicious cuisine and find several religious and archaeological sites.  

Turkey has friendly and welcoming people. The beautiful country hosts numerous seasonal fairs and a yearly jazz celebration known as Istanbul International Jazz Festival. The country sees slightly hot yet pleasant weather in July. It means day temperature ranges from 25Cº to 30Cº, whereas nights are cold from 20Cº to 22Cº. Most travelers head to the sandy and buzzing beaches to enjoy the breezy weather in July. 

The cities receive lean crowds, resulting in cheap accommodation. Besides the pleasant season, many reasons encourage a visit to Turkey in July.  If you plan to travel to Turkey, do not miss visiting the following destinations to get the best tourist experience.


Many people mistake this most famous metropolitan of Turkey as its capital. While Istanbul was once the capital city of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, Ankara serves as the capital of Modern Turkey. The city offers numerous opportunities to explore historical sites, such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace. July also gives you a chance to enjoy the vibrant nightlife, great shopping, and yummy food in Istanbul.


Bodrum makes the best destination to beat the warmth of July. The coastal city was once home to one of the world’s ancient seven wonders, the Mausoleum. At present, the ruins of the Mausoleum, stunning resorts, and beaches attract worldwide tourists. Bodrum citadel or Castle of St. Peter now serves as a museum. Once you are here, visit the beachfront to explore various shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. 


Like Bodrum, Antalya is a charming coastal city in Turkey. It offers the best tourist deal with its sandy beaches and turquoise waters for tourists to visit in July. Antalya has a majestic panorama domesticated by coastal resorts, sky-blue seas, and green forests in the mountains. Here you will see the ancient Roman Empire’s ruins of structures dotted across these peaks. Visit Kaleici to see Roman walls, narrow streets, and gates.


When finding the best tourist destinations in Turkey, Side is one of those areas to explore in July. The site has ruins of several temples belonging to the ancient Roman Empire with a giant music hall. Aside from the historical locations, you can enjoy white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. The stunning narrow lanes of Side have fantastic dining with various cuisines. You will also love the numerous shops and lively nightlife in the town. 


Another fantastic tourist destination to visit in Turkey is Marmaris. It boasts crystal-clear waters, white sands, and pine-forested mountains in July. Marmaris offers adventure lovers opportunities to experience water sports, snorkeling, and kayaking. You can also enjoy a boat ride to take a round around the charismatic bays and neighboring hamlets. Like other tourist destinations, Marmaris also has tasty local food for a fulfilling meal at the end of the day. 

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