A Trip to Dubai Miracle Garden to Discover the Beauty of The World’s Leading Flower Garden

A beautiful garden should remind you of the spring season, peaceful atmosphere, beautiful flowers, and many colorful butterflies flapping their wings. You may imagine daffodils walking through the lush grass and a blue sky above to magnify the richness of colors. Surprisingly, there is a garden-like above description. It is Dubai Miracle Garden, displaying more than 45 million flowers. The world’s leading natural flower garden is one of its kind spots.

Dubai Miracle Garden boasts a small world of wonders. Opened in February 2012, the site gets its name right for the stunning flower park, built in a barren region. It is spread over 72,000 square meters with countless flowers on display to attract about 1.5 million tourists. Dubai Miracle Garden features an Emirates Airbus A380 with the largest-ever floral installation, entering the Guinness Book of World Records.

Dubai Miracle Garden will compel you to some of the most iconic views and their details. Let’s look at some highlights here:

Life-size Floral Installation

More than 200 crew members built this wonder in 180 days. The Emirates Airbus A830 has sustainably harvested plants and flowers from the nurseries of Dubai Miracle Garden, making it the largest floral display. Flowers like Marigold, Geranium, Petunia, and Viola make it look unbelievable.

Floral Version of Burj Khalifa 

Another wonder of Dubai Miracle Garden is the stunning floral version of Burj Khalifa with marigold and petunia in its base. The tower has received several small yet noticeable modifications since its inauguration in 2014.

The Flower Lady

When exploring Dubai Miracle Garden, you cannot miss the structures of a woman wearing a floral hat. You will also come across another floral lady without the cap. These beautiful women carry thousands of stunning flowers to give a fascinating view.

The Half Buried Cars

This structure never fails to astonish whoever visits the Dubai Miracle Garden. The half-buried cars stand in a straight line, allowing you to check them out from every angle. These are in an inclining position and give an impression that they are taking a dip in the earth.

The Umbrella Roof

Introduced in early 2013, the floral umbrella roof in the garden gives a visual delight to the visitors. It also serves as a comfortable shade on hot and sunny days.

Heart-shaped Arch Passage

The heart-shaped arch passage is perhaps the most beautiful structure in Dubai Miracle Garden. The sweet aroma of thousands of flowers makes you feel tremendously pleasing as you pass through the floral passage. It is also an ideal location to click some romantic photos with your loved ones.

Floral House Models 

When exploring Dubai Miracle Garden, you will come across numerous colorful floral houses and bungalows, making the entire ambiance incredibly gorgeous. Built with uncountable flowers, these models are visible almost everywhere in the garden. Each floral house and cottage is unique and gives an impression of a fairyland.

Floral Train 

This floral train carries millions of beautiful flowers in its bogies. It is a real-looking train with an engine and bogies. The floral display on the train serves as another wonder of the Dubai Miracle Garden.

Floral Peacock 

The Dubai Miracle Garden stands out as a floral peacock as a symbol of pride and royalty. Loading a variety of beautiful flowers, this giant peacock model looks like a 3D painting.

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