Best Historical Places in Mauritius That Reveal a Lot about the Country

Mauritius is among the world’s most popular tourist destinations. The country is known for beautiful beaches, picturesque scenery, and flora and fauna. The multicultural place is home to Chinese, French, African, and Indian ancestry.

Mauritius has been under the rulership of the French, Dutch, and British from the 16th to 20th centuries. Its tropical climate also attracted the Europeans to make a notable history.

Visiting many historical places in Mauritius will help you learn about the culture of the country better.

If you are a history lover and planning to visit Mauritius, do not forget to add the following historical spots to your checklist.

Le Morne 

Located southwest of Mauritius, Le Morne is a UNESCO World Heritage destination. This famous historic place was once a shelter for many bondsmen who ran away from their owners. The spot has dangerous and unapproachable scenery. It gives an insight into how the bondsmen got away from their communities and stayed in the caves. Le Morne is a sign of their efforts to achieve freedom and the unmatchable human spirit.

Baie De I’Arsenal 

Also famous as Arsenal Bay, this bay area boasts the ruins of a French Arsenal in the northern part of Mauritius. The village of Arsenal was once a French foundry, which used to produce cannons and other types of military supplies. An explosion destroyed the valley, killing around 300 bondsmen in 1774.

Beau Plan Sugar Mill 

This ancient sugar factory now serves as a museum. Beau Plan Sugar Mill is among the top of Mauritius’s historical places. The factory resumed working in 1797 and continued till 1999.

Beau Plan Sugar Mill Museum exhibits elements like crisscrossing the island’s history, the story of sugar, slavery practice, and the rum trade. The tour around the museum usually takes two to three hours to complete. You will be able to watch relevant videos and interactive sessions to increase your knowledge about history. You will also get the taste of almost fifteen kinds of sugar invented in Mauritius.

Matthew Finders Monument 

Matthew Finders Monument is not a very old building, though it is among the best historical places in Mauritius. This 15-year-old historical place reminds us of the English explorer and cartographer Matthew Flinders, who first acknowledged Australian placement as a continent on the world’s map. The monument honors the 200 anniversary of Matthew Finders’ arrival in Mauritius.

Martello Tower 

 The British built, Martello Tower aimed to protect their settlement from the French who wanted to bring about the slaves. Constructed in the 1800s, the 5-tower building now serves as a museum where you will learn about the incredible architecture of the construction. These towers are 3m thick and have copper cannons with the ability to shoot at a range of two kilometers.

Eureka House 

The grand mansion is known for its early 1800s building. Eureka House is a museum now that shows elements of Mauritius’s colonial history. The house features characteristics of tropical architecture with 109 doors and lots of rooms. Eureka House boasts several maps, antiques, and furniture pieces dating back to French East India with servant kitchens and quarters.

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