Discovering the Top Five Tourist Attractions in Japan

Japan is a beautiful country. From the crystal-clear waters of Okinawa beaches to the lavender fields of Furano in Hokkaido, it comprises several perks of natural and artificial splendor. Japan showcases mountainside temples, contemporary museums, splendid nature, and cherry blossoms. While foreign travelers might face some travel restrictions in Japan, the country has decided to open its borders for foreign tourism. In the meantime, here are some tourist spots for you to add to your trip to Japan.

1. Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto

It is a Zen Buddhist temple located amid traditional Kyoto. It is a gold, shiny, and charismatic site known for its breathtaking beauty. You can walk along a path to view the stunning shrine and its reflections before looking closely. So keep your camera ready to take some lovely pictures. The Golden Temple receives smaller crowds in the morning or evening.

2. Kyoto Gorge 

Kyoto Gorge is a gigantic natural wonder with volcanic stakes, known as columnar jointing, neglecting a spectacular river view. Niigata prefecture’s site has a 750-meter-long Tunnel of Light that leads out to the gorge, allowing visitors to view panoramic beauty.

3. Mt Haguro, Yamagata 

Mt Haguro is like a real-life demonstration of an enthralled forest. It is among the three forests that make the Dewa Samzan pilgrimage route. The hike to the temple at the peaks involves climbing up 2,500 steps and will challenge tourists’ determination and stamina. The foothills have a five-story wooden pagoda surrounded by a thick cedar forest with 600-years-old trees. Mt Haguro is a magical spot that will conquer you with its fascination and unique charisma.

4. Naoshima, Kagawa

The Seto Inland Sea lies off the Kanagawa coast, between Shikoku and Okayama Islands. It is home to six small islands dedicated to modern art. These art islands include Naoshima, Megijima, Shodoshima, Teshima, Ogijima, and Inujima. If you do not have much time, pick Naoshima from the bunch of islands.

Naoshima is the best among the six art islands. You will explore the Lee Ufan Museum, Benesse House Museum, and Chichu Art Museum, known for being a trio of museums with Tadao Ando design. They have an industrial style in the construction, making them surreal sights in the middle of nature. Likewise, the Art House Project showcases local and international artworks in renovated traditional houses and maintains the adorably rural and old island vibes. Click some pictures in front of the Pumpkin of Yayoi Kusama with a clear blue sea and sky.

5. Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki 

This beautiful park is the ideal spot for all flower lovers. Ibaraki’s Hitachi Park is known for its indigo sea with an area of about 5.3 million, with Kochia and summer cypress in autumn and Nemophila in spring. The park also grows roses, daffodils, California poppies, and Holland-inspired tulips on its land. The site also has an amusement park, an adventurous zone for children. Tourists can enjoy the 11 kilometers of cycling paths in the 350-hectare park in Ibaraki.

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