Eight Captivating Tourist Attractions to Uncover in Spain in 2022

From the artistic highpoint of European culture to sun-drenched beaches to bio-geographical courtyard gardens, Spain boasts everything to amuse local and international visitors coming to explore the Spanish extravaganza. The overabundance of Spanish tourist sites helps tourists enjoy a grand time here.

Here we shall explore the magnificent attractions in the beautiful European country that will mesmerize you.

1. Santiago De Compostela Cathedral

Santiago De Compostela Cathedral has breathtaking architecture belonging to the Roman era. It allows visitors to get an excellent experience and please their eyes with the impressive views of St. James relics. Another spot in Spain is St. James, known for the 18th century’s facade, triple entrance, and the adorned Capilla Mayor. The 13th-century apostle’s wooden figure made inside the structure is the primary attraction of the cathedral’s interior.

2. Park Guell

Barcelona’s beautiful Park Guell is among the best tourist attractions in Spain and contributes significantly to the Spanish tourism scene. It serves as an enjoyable point for families with children and artistic heaven for lovers. Park Guell boasts of structures and designs built with natural resources. Other notable attractions include a multi-colored mosaic salamander, a grand building on the park’s entrance, and an attractive gate with mosaic work.

3. Pub Crawl

Spanish glitzy bars and pubs offer the most delightful nightlife experience for tourists. Pub Crawl is the perfect place in Spain for those who love to load themselves with the world’s best drinks. Many visitors stay a late night to enjoy more drinks and make the most of such an experience at Spanish bars and pubs.

4. Ibiza

It is another most visited destination for worldwide tourists. Ibiza is a pine-clad sunny island with a dazzling backdrop of restaurants and clubs with a sparkling coastline and blue water. The island offers secluded beaches for some private moments to make your visit more captivating. You can enjoy clubbing, sun-and-sand parties, and sunset scooter tours in Ibiza.

5. Costa Brava

Costa Brava is the perfect Spanish spot for those who prefer visiting landscapes, beaches, and tranquil towns. The site always has pleasant weather, so you can come here any time of the year and explore numerous activities and games. Costa Brava is famous for shopping, local food, beaches, and villages and offers a bonus tourist package with a theatre museum and art museum.

6. The Canary Islands

When visiting Spain, do not miss adding the Canary Islands to your checklist of must-see attractions. The historical monuments and beaches along the way to a visit to Mount Teide, a volcanic mountain, can be a worthwhile experience. You would amaze to see loggerhead turtles, natural pools, and Aquatic Thai Paradise here. Explore museums and archaeological parks to enjoy your stay at Canary Island the most.

7. Granada 10

It is another attractive attraction for nightlife lovers. Granada is famous for its exclusive disco where you can enjoy food, drinks, and music with your friends. The clubbing attraction becomes more stunning on weekends.

8. Costa Del Sol Beaches

The Costa Del Sol Beaches are known for their pristine white sand sunny seashore. The site offers impressive sun & sand retreats for local and foreign tourists. These beaches are a few steps away from Marbella Town with old whitewashed homes. You would also love attractions like yacht rides and a golf valley along the seashore.

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