Eight Exhilarating Things to Enjoy in Bangkok in 2022

Bangkok has many fascinating things to offer tourists and visitors, from unique architecture, delicious food, and vibrant nightlife to culture, history, and seaside vacations. Bangkok does not disappoint travelers. Whether traveling alone or with your loved ones, here is a list of things to do and places to visit that you cannot miss in your itinerary when backpacking in the Thai city.

1. Oriental Spa 

This spa is known for being one of the world’s leading spas. So when traveling to Bangkok, Oriental Spa should be on your list to do in the city, especially if you are there with your spouse. The calm atmosphere and well-trained Thai staff will help you relax and revitalize with your family. 

2. Shopping Floating Markets

Bangkok’s floating markets offer a unique shopping experience that nobody can miss. These markets have a traditional setup in boats piled with all types of products. It lets you take a glimpse of the local life. It is usually hard to step out without shopping for anything once you are in the boat and roaming around the floating market. 

3. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Exploring the Chatuchak weekend market requires a whole day. It is one of the world’s largest markets, which seems to gather everything buyable possible, such as utensils, apparel, food, and vintage items. If you want to avoid the crowd in Chatuchak Weakened market, reach the site early in the morning, preferably around 9 am. Take your summer hat along, bargain hard, and take care of your belongings. 

4. Ride in Tuk-Tuk 

Your visit to Bangkok is incomplete without riding Tuk-Tuk. The city has been using this three-wheeled motorized vehicle since World War II. Navigating through Bangkok’s cramped lanes in Tuk-Tuk is real fun. 

5. Khao San Road 

This famous road provides tourists with a fascinating traveling experience for romantic dinner and shopping. Khao San Road houses shops, clubs, shops, and lots more in the capital of Thailand. 

6. Tiger Temple 

Did you ever think of taking a picture with a tiger? Everything is possible when you are in Bangkok. Located in Kanchanaburi, the Tiger Temple is a famous tourist spot where the monks raise the tigers. You can observe those tigers doing their everyday activities and baby cubs being raised outside the caged bars. The temple will allow you to go on a walk with the wild tigers. 

7. Siam Paragon 

It is the world’s second-largest shopping mall in South East Asia. Whether you are holidaying with your loved ones or traveling alone, shopping is a must-part of such a journey. You will also see herds of shops, restaurants, bowling alleys, an art gallery, and a concert hall. 

8. Thai Village Cultural Show 

Nothing can give better exposure to Thailand culture and tradition than the Thai Village Cultural Show located in the Rose Garden. You will enjoy observing traditional Thai sword fighting, Thai boxing match, Thai wedding, and fingernail dance in a single show. Thai Village Cultural Show is your shortcut to explore Thailand’s culture in a few hours.

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