Eight Fun Places to Explore in Nepal in 2022

Nepal has gradually and steadily emerged as one of the world’s hottest destinations. It has something unique in store for every tourist. This party destination beats the likes of London and Paris with all the exciting places and activities to unwind. Let’s explore some of those here

1. Pashupatinath Temple 

It is a sacred worshipping place for Hindus located on the banks of the Bagmati River. You can visit Pashupatinath Temple from 12:00 noon to 11:59 pm. It receives the attention of worshippers as they can also see multi-centuries statues of Buddha and Brahma. You can also see other superb temples dedicated to numerous deities present in the complex. Travelers can use a bus to reach Goshala Bus Station, located within walking distance, or hire a taxi to get to the temple.

2. Boudhanath Stupa

The world heritage site of Boudhanath Stupa is two kilometers away from Pashupatinath Temple. The stupa is the epicenter of Tibetan culture in the country, which comes alive during special occasions like New Year as the Tibetan community gets together to dance and enjoy.

3. Namche Bazaar

Nothing gives a better exposure to celebrating tourism in Nepal than Namche Bazaar. Many bars and nightclubs are there for you to enjoy your meal and drinks. Do not fear if you are a non-drinker as you can enjoy a cup of coffee at affordable prices at restaurants and cafes. Namche Bazaar offers you almost everything from quirky souvenirs and t-shirts to trekking gear and furnishing tools.

4. Annapurna Mountain Ranges

You can celebrate being in Nepal in many ways, including trekking one of the iconic mountain ranges in the country. Annapurna mountain range comprises several peaks of anecdotal heights, including 8000-meter-high Annapurna I and Annapurna II with grand snow-capped panoramic Himalaya views. Go ahead to add an adventurous dose to your Nepal trip by a 10-day scaling of Annapurna Mountain ranges and witnessing the terrain change every five-kilometer distance.

5. Sarangkot 

You might not be interested in spending ten days completing an intensive trek. Head to a half-day walk from Pokhara to Sarangkot, a place known for its magnificent views of Fewa Lake, the Dhauligiri range, and Pokhara valley. Consider ringing in your Nepal trip by going paragliding to get eye-catching airborne views of the Himalayas or enjoying the sunrise over the Sarangkot.

6. Buddha-Bar

It is an ideal place to make great memories in Nepal. Buddha-Bar offers a delicious food menu, great drinks, a cozy dance floor, amazing electronic music, and a high-energy crowd. Honey chill potatoes are their signature dish, which is equally famous among locals and foreign visitors.

7. Taumadhi Square 

It is a fun-filled destination in Nepal. Located in Bhaktapur, Taumadhi Square serves as the artistic wealth of Nepal. Locals dressed up in traditional dresses gather around Taumadhi Square to celebrate. Stalls in the place serve delicious and authentic food, whereas the Square comprises several places of worship, including the famous Nyatapola Temple within the Taumadhi Square.

8. Pokhara 

Pokhara is an awe-inspiring destination with lots of things to offer. Many tourists visit this place at the time of Nepali New Year to see streets adorned with flowers, lights, and other stuff. You can view the partygoers enjoying the grand festivity.

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