Eight Magnificent Tourist Attractions In Sharjah You Should Not Miss

Sharjah is a well-known city in the United Arab Emirates. It is often recognized as the cultural capital of the UAE and home to a range of awe-inspiring architectures and magnificent places that every tourist must visit. Sharjah is a unique destination for individuals who desire to know more about the elegant history, culture, and art of Arabs. The city boasts fascinating attractions for the entire family, including children and grandparents.

Let’s explore some gorgeous places in Sharjah here.

1. Sharjah Art Museum

Inaugurated in 1997, it is a perfect spot for art lovers. Sharjah art museum is famous for its authenticity and for showcasing a collection of valuable Arab artworks. The UAE’s largest art museum has seventy-two art galleries exhibiting some best Arabic paintings.

2. Qanat Al Qasba

Al Qasba is an uptown entertainment center famous for boasting many interactive activities for visitors. While the site comprises several beautiful attractions, the Ferris wheel is the most popular attraction. Also known as the Eye of the Emirates, the ride lets you begin your adventurous trip from this wheel, from where you can enjoy the complete view of Sharjah.

3. Sharjah Heritage Area

Sharjah Heritage Area has its collection of myriad museums, including Al Midfaa house, Al Asra souq, and Al Hisn. When you enter the heritage area, it will allow you to explore lovely old heritage Bedouin village. Al Midfaa house is one of the museums with its wind tower that saved Arab people from the scorching heat during the ancient age.

4. Sharjah Science Museum

Visiting Sharjah Science Museum is an awe-inspiring activity for families with kids. The museum aims to keep the children hooked for long hours through fun-filled activities like grip strength, balance, and building puzzles. Sharjah Science Museum also boasts a fascinating planetarium that children will love the most.

5. Central Market of Sharjah

The central market in Sharjah serves as an iconic landmark. It features The Blue Souq, known for its finest blue tile work. With almost six hundred shops, the market is a perfect attraction for local and foreign tourists. It features Arabian Bazaar, where you can shop with your family and enjoy the traditional splendor of the market.

6 Sharjah Archaeology Museum

The archaeology museum of Sharjah has astonishing artifacts and excavations dating back to the Stone Age. It showcases a bucketful of pottery, jewelry, and ancient ruins, which help tourists know everything about Sharjah and the centuries-old civilizations of the region. You will also come across twenty-five tombs, houses, and cemeteries.

7 Khalid Lagoon

It is the third-highest fountain on the earth. Khalid Lagoon in Sharjah offers you great peace and a magical experience. It is one of the most splendid places to view in the dark hours. You can sit with your partner and observe the fantastic fountain flowing water from up to a hundred meters in height.

8 Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

The museum has a compressive list of artworks that will let you surround by the Arabic culture and embrace the beauty of spiritual manuscripts. Many tourists rank the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization as one of the gorgeous things to see in the city. The spot also exhibits beautiful handicrafts made of clay, glass, and metal.

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