Enjoying Georgia in Winter – Top Five Places to Unpack in the Country

Spending the winter season in Georgia is unique fun. It is a location to experience cold infusing the air with sunlight. While Georgia receives the magical charm of bitter cold and insensitive winds, the state has warmer temperatures than its neighbors in the north. The country has loads to do and discover in the pleasantly humid southern environment. Here are a few things you can do during winter in Georgia.

1. Pebble Hill Plantation 

It is a state treasure with its grand architecture and southern magnolias. Pebble Hill Plantation has longleaf pines that come together to make a scenery with exclusive beauty. The last owner of the plantation wanted the site to become a museum after his death. So you visit the primary house and view its stunning art collection, invaluable antiques, and a huge library. Also, discover a 300-acres huge area of the plantation to see gorgeous gardens, a swimming pool, and a log cabin school.

2. Rock City Garden & Seven States

It is among the best Georgian places to visit in the country. The Rock City Garden is high on top of the mountains and offers plenty of scenic and panoramic vistas with roadside barns. The Rock City Gardens lack enchanted trails where you can meet fairyland creatures and characters of garden gnomes and mother goose and view a never-seen-before Rock City.

3. Fainting Goat Vineyards & Winery 

Located in the hills of the picturesque and frightening Appalachian heap, Vineyards & Winery have no fainting goats. The site provides more than the scenic view of the hills. Tourists can taste numerous wine charities for $8 or so. Do not forget to try their most demanded 1812 – silver medal winner wine.  Another famous wine – the Revere, has a regional grape that permeates white wine with floral and citrus notes.

4. Stone Mountain Park 

Stone Mountain Park offers everything, from nature walks and scenic views to brood interactive attractions. The site hosts many yearly events, such as Country Living Fair, the Stone Mountain Christmas, and Yellow Daisy Festival. The mountain features famous celebrities’ craved faces, including Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis. You can hike, enjoy a train ride, and take a ride on these carvings. When visiting Georgia in winter, many fun-friendly options are waiting for you. Go for snowball shooting, building, and tubing. If you are there to celebrate Christmas, enjoy the feast with a night parade, holiday music, and two million sparkling lights.

5. Etowah Indian Mounds 

Spread over a 54-acre land, the historical site of Etowah Indian Mounds exhibits the Mississippian culture in intact form. The site is home to Native Americans for centuries. Etowah Indian Mounds is among the best Georgian winter places that the history buff love to spend time in since about 9% of the area received excavation and examination. The Museum located there showcases numerous artifacts like feathers, copper ornaments, and 125-pound hand-carved stones. The historic site allows people to be familiar with the early civilization that survived and view a defensive ditch, a village site, six mounds, an artifact museum, and lots more.

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