Exploring Windsor Castle – Easy Tips to Make Your Journey More Fun

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s best castles, including the ancient and largest ones. If you are in London, the impressive Windsor Castle is a must-see attraction. It is the Queen’s official house, and she loves to spend most of her weekends there, especially when she has no royal duties to perform.

Windsor Castle is one of the most iconic landmarks in the United Kingdom. It has Heathrow Airport nearby, letting visitors view the gigantic castle from the air on their arrival in England.

The popularity of Windsor Castle attracts tourists from all over the world. The splendor and attractiveness of the castle are worth planning for a journey to make the most of your trip. Here are our top tips to make your trip to Windsor Castle memorable and smooth.

1. Get to Windsor by Train 

Nothing makes the best way to arrive at Windsor better and easier than taking the train to the destination. The historic town center comprises two train stations, Waterloo and Paddington, located within walking distance of the castle. While you may drive your car to Windsor, it is never easy to get a space in the small parking space there. So, it is ideal to use the train to arrive at Windsor and enjoy hassle-free moments in Windsor.

2. Know The Opening Hours

Since Windsor Castle serves as a functioning citadel, it may reflect on the opening hours. The royal family still uses the fort for several state and ceremonial events. Some parts of Windsor Castle may be closed to the public based on the official activities or schedule. Therefore, always check the castle’s official website before finalizing your visit to make sure it is open to the visitors to avoid impacting your day.

3. Have Lunch Before Exploring the Fort

Most tourists take the whole day to make their Windsor Castle. Often, the queues are lengthy in the morning when everyone tries to arrive first to enter the fort first. It is wise to get to the castle after midday to avoid the long queues and have a great day out. We recommend having your lunch in some restaurants like The Brassiere before walking towards the castle.

4. View the Changing of the Guard 

The iconic Windsor Castle witnesses the change of the guard ceremony every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 11 in the morning. While you can enter the fort to view the ceremony, it is possible to watch the change of the guards and the march from the Guildhall.

5. Do Not Visit on Sundays

While Windsor Castle is open to visitors seven days a week, some parts like St. George’s Chapel are closed on Sundays. It is a famous spot known for the gothic architecture in England. St. George’s Chapel also received the honor of being the wedding venue of Prince Harry and Meghan.

6. Remember The Royal Rules 

Since Windsor Castle refers to the Queen’s official residence, visiting the destination comes with some rules. For instance, you cannot click pictures or record videos in St. George’s Chapel, so keep the digital camera or mobile camera inside the pocket or bag while you are inside. Likewise, you cannot take snacks along to the castle.

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