Four Tips to Make Your Visit to Eiffel Tower a Great Travel Thrill

The Eiffel Tower attracted its first visitors in 1889 when Paris opened its World Fair with the masterpiece. Made of iron beams and 2.5 million rives, the structure is more like an 18,000-piece erector set. It was a showpiece without a functional purpose. It demonstrated to everyone that France had enough money and knowledge to erect the tallest work of art on the earth.

Visiting Europe is not complete without traveling around Eiffel Tower in Paris. It is a fun-filled thrill besides being an expensive and crowded venture. You will have to beat crowds and pay an expensive fee to be at the top of the elevator, though it is worth all your efforts.  However, you can be a part of the unique society of 250 million visitors who made their unbeatable memories around the Eiffel Tower by following some handy tips.

1. Reserve Entry Tickets in Advance

You will waste lots of time waiting in the initial entry queue if you show up without pre-booked tickets in hand. It gives one-to-two hours of waiting time in summers and becomes even worse on holidays and weekends. So make your reservation online ahead of peak times, including summer. You will need to create an account using your 10-digit phone number to log in and choose your ticket as per your preference to go high up to the Eiffel Tower. If you do not want to go to the Eiffel Tower’s top, choose the option of a Lift entrance ticket because you may still get the passes to the peak if other slots are not available.

2. Plan Your Timings for the Visit

When visiting Eiffel Tower, try arriving close to twilight to enjoy the views of the sundown and light as it gets dark. A five-minute display includes thousands of radiant lights highlighting the tower as it will give you the best scenery from below. You can enjoy the landscape from the grassy park under the structure or across the river at Place du Traocadéro. The Eiffel Tower is an impressive object to behold in the evening when darkness fully envelops Paris city. You can spend three to four hours in summer enjoying the breathtaking views.

3. Protect Your Valuables 

While Eiffel Tower has a lot of spectacular views and other offerings, it is essential to protect your valuables from street thieves who can plunder awestruck you gapping below the tower. Take extra cautionary measures from predatory pickpockets when in a crowded elevator. Use some means of protecting your money and cards under your clothes, such as a money belt. Also, think of where you can keep your mobile phone away from those criminals.

4. Look for the Secret Apartment 

Some visitors believe that Gustave Eiffel constructed a small hideaway apartment at the summit of the Eiffel Tower. He used the lush space to ensure quiet reflection and infrequent visitors. Eiffel also refused to accept any offer to rent the structure out. You can peer inside the still-furnished room.

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