Four World’s Best Historical Sites You Should Visit

Human history has produced lots of mind-blowing historical sites over thousands of years. As a regular tourist, you might have spent years traveling around the globe and have visited many countries. Even if you think of all the historical sites and their uniqueness, it will still be hard to define the criteria to judge them and decide on the best. Here are my four favorite historical wonders that you should try to visit at some point in your traveling plan.

  1. Machu Picchu

The ruined city of Machu Picchu lies at the top of the mountain in Southern Peru. Also known as the Lost City of the Incas, Macha Picchu had culture center significance in the Inca civilization. Hiram Bingham rediscovered this historical site in 1911. Machu Picchu is among the World Heritage sites declared by UNESCO and one of the World’s new seven wonders.

It is open to the public year-round. A great number of tourists access Machu Picchu every year, which has led to a limited number of people who can enter the historical site. Take a 3.5-hour train trip to Aguas Calientes from Cusco to reach Machu Picchu. You can also get to the site by walking with a multi-day Inca trail tour that is lengthy and time taking but is a more scenic way to enjoy the site to the fullest.

  1. The Pyramids at Giza

Nobody has a solid idea as to how the Egyptians made these pyramids so precise at Giza. The Pyramids present a marvel of human engineering that perfectly matched the level of the kings. The three of these over-3000- years -old pyramids align with the skies. They comprise tons of unopened chambers.

The Great Pyramid built by Pharaoh Khufu is the largest pyramid with limited access for the public, who would need to pay 60 EGP for general admission. Reaching the pyramids at Giza through a bus is easy. You can hire a horse or camel to take a ride to the pyramids. Tourists can explore the pyramids inside by paying an additional 100 EGP.

  1. Petra

An unknown Swiss explorer discovered this historical site in the valley of Arabah, Jordan 1812, as it was previously unfamiliar to the Western World. However, Petra became famous when the third Indiana Jones went there to uncover the Holy Grail. It has a history, probably dating back to the 6th century BC. UNESCO listed Petra among its list of World Heritage Sites in 1985. It recently entered among the World’s new seven wonders.

Many tour companies offer full-day tours, including all fees, horse or camel riding, and an English-speaking guide. You can also drive to Petra from Amman and pay 50 JD as the entrance fee.

  1. Easter Island

Easter Island lies in the Pacific Ocean. It is home to the gigantic Moai statues that are the only thing left of the civilization that once used to live here. Made of volcanic ash stones, these enormous and remarkably carved heads remind us of their primitive people. Some statues that are still in the excavation are diminishing the resources of the inhabitants of Easter Island. You can access the site by air. Since Easter Island is not a very big area, it is much more convenient to get around with friends and family.

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