Seven Enthralling Facts about Vancouver That Will Charm You

Vancouver is a breathtakingly charming city in British Columbia that attracts many tourists year-round. As it is a popular tourist destination, you will meet many people from different nationalities. Vancouver brims with zeal and zest and will surprise you with its fact that will make you fall n love with it. 

Did you know the Great Vancouver fire destroyed the city in 1886? Many inhabitants lost their lives, and lots of buildings couldn’t survive. However, the government commenced the restoration work within a few days and started the construction of new buildings to allow the city to become alive again.

Let’s get acquainted with interesting facts about Vancouver.

1. First & Only Wind Tribune

Vancouver has several national parks to witness nature at its best. The world’s first and only wind tribune, known as the Eye of the Wind, is also in this Canadian city. Located on the Grouse Mountain, this 65-meter high wind tribune opened in 2011. The Eye of the Wind is the perfect place to witness the true splendor of Vancouver.

2. Third Most Livable Place in the World

Another interesting fact about this beautiful city is that it ranks third on the list of the world’s most livable cities. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit Surveys 2004 to 2010, Vancouver offers one of the healthiest environments to live on the earth. Besides being the third fit place for human habitation, it is also the tenth cleanest metropolis on the planet.  

3. Heaven for Cruise Lovers 

As a popular seaport city, Vancouver has ample cruises that you will love in the city. You can head to the Alaska cruise to take a ride through British Columbia. Once you are here, it is time to get ready to enjoy an encounter with fascinating glaciers views and get to Alaska in an altogether unique way. 

4. Home to The Longest Swimming Pool

From being abode to the world’s first and only wind tribune or one of the most livable places, Vancouver makes Canada proud in several ways. You will be surprised to know that this city is also home to the world’s longest swimming pool, Kitsilano Pool. The swimming pool allows many locals and tourists to relax and enjoy their time near the pool. The Kitsilano Pool is also known for its heating saltwater pool and numerous superb cafes. 

5. The City Has the Oldest Apple Tree 

There exists the oldest apple tree near Northwest Vancouver. It was planted in 1826 at Fort Vancouver and continues to live like before. This oldest apple tree also has the significance of being the Great Grandfather of the apple industry in Washington State. 

6. Hollywood Of The North

From spectacular destinations to clicking some beautiful pictures to pleasant weather to enjoying trekking, Vancouver is the most charismatic destination. 

Many Hollywood directors shot blockbusters movies and television series in the city. 

Vancouver secures the title of Hollywood of the North because of an increasing number of movies and TV series being shot in the city. 

7. Origin to California Roll or Sushi Roll

Vancouver is the origin of the California roll or sushi roll. The famous Chef Hiekazu Tojo invented this popular dish and has a restaurant in Vancouver. Tourists can head to the restaurant Tojo in Vancouver to enjoy the authentic Sushi roll. 

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