Six Handy Tips to Make Your Visit to Thailand Convenient

Thailand is home to everything; yes, literally everything. It boasts scenic beaches, buzzing shores, islands, and scenic beaches. With exciting water sports, massages, and spas, the country has become one of the tourists’ choicest destinations on the globe. 

Thailand gives a breathtaking experience to honeymoon couples and family vacations. It is also known for the soul-stirring experience of traveling in the country alone. If you want to travel to Thailand, this post will help you explore offbeat places with some handy tips for traveling in the Southeast Asian country.

1. Book Air Ticket in Advance 

When traveling in Thailand, it is necessary to make a budget for everything. While many flights go to Thailand, book tickets in advance to avoid a last-minute surge in airfares. You can think of some of the most reasonable airlines, such as Thai Smile and Air Asia, to fly to Thailand. 

2. Stay in Hostels 

Living in hostels during your stay in Thailand can be a way to save money and experience a vacation like never before. Luckily, the country has a collection of the best hostels to help tourists ditch all the classy hotels and beach resorts. Thai hostels offer homelike comfort and everyday living amenities. Hangover Hostel, Southern Fried Rice, Blanco Hostel, and Dream-catcher are some of the most famous hostels in Thailand. Likewise, Old Town Hostel, Siamaze, and Baan Kamala Fantasea Hostel are other famous hostel accommodations for tourists.

3. Learn Thai Etiquettes 

Thai people are sensitive to a long list of social norms. You will find all age groups rigorously adhering to these social etiquettes. For example, they consider the head the most sacred body part and do not want anyone to touch their head. Even their children do not find this act respectful. Likewise, Thai people consider touching the feet something discourteous as it is the lowest part of the body. Do not use an impolite manner to speak to anyone in public places. If you are visiting a sacred site, do not forget to take your shoes off and use a scarf to cover your head.

4. Enjoy Street Food 

Thailand offers a range of delicious street food options, which are budget-friendly. These options include Kluay Tod, Sai OOah, Pad See Eiw, and Kha Kha Moo. Many other varieties of Thai noodles and curries also attract locals and visitors. If you have any meal preferences or are allergic to something, ask the restaurant to customize the dish accordingly in advance.

5. Pack Light 

No matter where you go, this tip is essential everywhere. Get a light backpack and pack the right things only. Keep essentials, such as earplugs, hand sanitizers, eye masks, or light clothes for traveling in Thailand. You can also pack slippers, hats, travel adaptors, shades, torchlight, and sunscreen. The country has a tropical climate round year, usually hot and humid. So, it is never wise to overload your luggage with warm clothes.

6. Use Public Transport

When traveling in Thailand, try to use public transport to enjoy a reasonable yet comfortable. Tuk Tuk happens to be an excellent transportation option to move from one place to another. Baw Khaw Saw is the best choice to travel from one city to another. It is a regular and reliable bus service with a BKS station in almost every Thai metropolitan. Make sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid last moment rush. 

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