Snir Hananya Highlights Things that can Make you a Better Cook

You don’t need to have any expensive equipment, neither do you need to go to culinary school. In fact, you don’t even have to have a lot of experience to become a good cook. So, what do you need? All you require to be a better cook is a little bit of the right knowledge. As Snir Hananya says, the smallest things can end up making the biggest difference. Here are some of the things you can do to improve your cooking experience:

  • Get an digital meat thermometer

The quickest way for you to ruin your steak is cutting it to find out that it is medium rare. Getting a digital meat thermometer can save you from ruining your steaks because you can use it for checking when the meat is done. Save yourself any hassle in the future and invest upfront.

  • Write in your cookbooks

According to Snir Hananya, always have a cookbook handy when you are in the kitchen. If you make adjustments in a recipe, note them down to know what you did right, or wrong. It can help you avoid disasters in the future and perfect your cooking.

  • Get the knives sharpened professionally

You may have a sharpener at home, but get your knives to a pro once a year to avoid any issues. Professionally sharpened knives can speed up your chopping, make it more precise and most importantly, it is safer. Most accidents happen because of a dull knife.

  • Toss your spices

Every expert chef, including Snir Hananya, will tell you that ground spices die rather quickly. The best thing to do is give them a whiff. If you cannot smell anything, then you will not be able to taste anything either. If they have no taste, you will end up with a flavorless dish. So, it is best to toss them out.

  • Say goodbye to the non-stick skillet

Are your scrambled eggs sliding off the pan when you don’t use butter or oil? Of course, they should. It is time for you to replace the non-stick skillet.

  • Have proper lighting

Your work area needs to be well-lit, so you know what you are doing. As per Snir Hananya, this is not an area where you want to save bucks because it might end up ruining your dish if you add something else accidentally.

  • Stock up on random cuts of meat

When you have a freezer full of bony beef cuts and roasted turkey necks, you will never run out of things to make broth.

  • Get a new kitchen sponge

If you have a filthy sponge that smells, how do you expect it to clean your dishes? Snir Hananya recommends that you change your kitchen sponge routinely to have good and clean dishes.

  • Have a garbage bowl

Get a large bowl and have it handy when you are cooking. Fill up the bowl with egg shells, or any other trash, which you may generate while you are working.

  • Don’t crowd your pans

Snir Hananya says that one of the top things you should remember is to not crowd your sheet tray, or cast-iron skillet because that’s only going to make your food soggy and not give you the crispy touch you want.

  • Toast your spices and nuts

Enjoy the whole flavor by putting in your spices and nuts in a dry skillet over medium heat. It will wake them up and get them to release their oils, which means your paprika will taste like paprika.

  • Salt your salads

According to Snir Hananya, this is proof that there is not anything you shouldn’t be salting. Adding salt to your salads will add texture and it also makes the dressing pop. Who doesn’t want that?

  • Cool your food before it goes in the fridge or freezer

If you don’t do this, only mold will benefit because the temperature in the fridge rises.

Use these tips by Snir Hananya to become a better cook without having to attend any classes.

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