Top Activities to Do In the Irish City of Dublin

Thinking of Ireland often reminds tourists of Dublin because of its famous tourist spots that rank higher in Irish travel & tourism statistics. It is a fantastic capital of Ireland for many reasons, including bursting with fascinating places to see and things to do. Dublin just does not let you get bored. So here is a mini-guide to the top things to do in this beautiful Irish city.

Discover History at Kilmainham Jail

Ireland possesses a rich history with both pleasing and sad elements. Kilmainham Jail  gives you an insight into history. It is an impressive sight, which many tourists keep as a priority on their list of activities in Dublin. Interestingly, many tours of this jail are so popular that they often get booked and go full for good reasons.

Visit Dublin Zoo

If you are visiting Ireland with kids, Dublin Zoo is one of the top activities to do in the city. Children love to see all the animals, such as elephants, seals, and giraffes. If viewing some glimpses of wildlife interests you or your family, you can visit its official website to find more about visiting hours and prices.

See the sights of Dublin Castle  

Dublin Castle is a famous tourist attraction controlled by the government. It has a tower, several gardens, and lots more to see. It is a great historical place to unpack in Dublin with friends or family as you would be able to explore many perks from the history. Ideally, you can purchase entry tickets to the castle online to avoid inconvenience.

Explore the Library at Trinity College

Trinity College is a famous university for providing individuals with a prestigious law degree. Aside from that privilege, the institute has a super library- a popular site for locals and foreigners to explore. You can either grab a cup of coffee and browse several books or sit at a cozy chair and engage yourself in some healthy reading.

Spend Healthy Time at the River Liffey 

Spending a great time at the bank of the River Liffey is one of the best things to do in the Irish city, especially during the rainy season. The most well-known river flows through Dublin City Centre. Tourists can take a sightseeing tour and river cruises to enjoy the site at the most.

Have a Cocktail at Temple Bar

When you are in Dublin, do not miss enjoying leisure time in the city’s famous Temple Bar. It not only attracts local and foreign visitors but also has served several superstars Ed Sheeran and Pink for drinks. The bar is known for live music, breathtaking atmosphere, and pints of Guinness. Tourists also love the Temple Bar for oysters with some great music.

Visit Christ Church Cathedral

This picturesque church is worth your time when traveling to Dublin. It is equally beautiful from both inside and outside. Visiting the Christ church requires you to buy tickets to enter, though you must ensure checking the visiting times of any services so that your trip does not get disturbed unless you want to be a part of it.

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