Top Four Madrid Walking Tours for Tourists Revealed

Madrid entices tourists with its history, museums, cuisines, and natural beauty. The second-largest European Union city also has several regions packed with cool tape bars in its neighborhood.

Famous author, Hemingway, used to call Madrid the world’s capital and referred to the city as the most Spanish of all metropolises.

I think he was correct in his thoughts. As a traveler, you would find lots of things to see and many things to do here that you could spend several weeks in the city. Walking tours allow you to get a light introduction to Madrid with something more nuanced and comprehensive. From brief tours to in-depth historical walks, you can pick any trip to peel off the layers of a fascinating spot for an in-depth and more authentic experience in your budget.

Here are the top walking tours to enjoy in Madrid. Some biking tours can also help you get the pleasure of tourism in the city.

1. Take Walks Tours

Walks Tours tends to be a favorite walking tour company in Madrid for many tourists.

While it is known for covering many grounds in the short time possible, its aim is to see more without making you mentally and physically exhausted or overwhelmed with lots of information.

With the company tour, you can explore the Royal Palace almost an hour before the general public can access it. The well-informed and experienced guide takes you on a walk around the center of the town to explore must-see attractions and enjoy some tapes and wines at local bars. Unpacking Madrid with Walks Tours is usually hard to beat for an archetypal European city experience.

2. New Europe Walking Tours

Unlike other travel and tour companies, New Europe Walking Tours is a company that takes you on a free walking trip through the center of the city and covers Madrid’s history by stopping at all the leading sites. While the company does not charge anything for such walking tours, it expects tips from the travelers to keep going. These walking tours start from Plaza Mayor and end at Plaza Isabel II, touching several other spots along the way. Aside from free tours, New Europe also offers paid tours for €14 for those who want to fork out more. Free tours can help you get the basics of Madrid for tourists on a budget, you need to pay if you desire to get into something more specific and deepen your overall experience.

3. Devour Tours

While Devour offers food tours all over Italy and Spain, the company’s founder is based in Madrid. If you are a food lover, do not miss the great chance to get a Devour tour for yourself for €99.

It is a four-hour tour, which satisfies you with Madrid’s history, tapes, and taverns. You will cover tapas bars for eating and drinking and weave from one place to another while covering leading landmarks. Devour walking tours make a perfect way to enjoy a great evening in Madrid. It takes you on another tour with a guide to the Prado, which will end at the world’s oldest continuously operating restaurant, Sobrino de Botin.

4. Madrid Day Tours

With Madrid Day tours, you not can only enjoy walking around Madrid but also can unpack a fabulous small historic town located out of the city. It makes a great way to explore another side of Spain while being in Madrid. You can also take a trip to the medieval towns of Segovia or Toledo because they are a short drive away from the city and enjoy the wow factor there.

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