Traveling China – Top Five Sites to Explore in the Country

From overcoming your fear of the height of the highest-ever glass bridge to exploring the Great Wall of China, several reasons encourage your visit to the country. It is among the most stunning destinations on the planet, possessing numerous geographical climates, stunning landscapes, rich biodiversity, and cultural heritage.

Spread over 9,596,961 sq.m2, China is known for being the most populated country. It has many things to offer its visitors as they come across its mountains, jungles, markets, and modern cities. Besides exploring Beijing, the capital city, visitors love to backpack in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, and Urumqi. The diversity in the cuisine is another plus of visiting this country.

So, if this excites you or you want to experience China with its sights and exotic cuisine, this travel guide to some fascinating Chinese places should make your plan to China great fun.

Let’s begin our journey by virtually discovering the five best destinations in China.

1. Beijing 

Visiting China is incomplete without spending a day in its capital city. Beijing, the Chinese capital, is home to 21 million inhabitants. It showcases an impressive collection of cultural and historical highlights. Once you are in Beijing, discover the notable Chinese landmark, famous as the Great Wall of China, to recall the historical dynasties of Ming and Qing. The UNESCO World Heritage site is as captivating as the Forbidden City.

2. Mount Huangshan

The breathtaking landscape of Mount Huangshan is worth a visit. The UNESCO World Heritage has also added this place to its list of most scenic highlights on the globe. The scenery features dense clouds spread all over the sky and intimidating peaks of yellow mountains with thick forests filled with pine trees.

3. Suzhou

If you are in Shanghai, do not forget to plan a day in Suzhou for some relaxation time. Also known as the Venice of the East, Suzhou is a dazzling town in China. It also gets the honor of being one of the world heritage sites list declared by UNESCO. The water town boasts narrow alleyways, beautiful gardens, stunning canals, picturesque bridges, and pagodas.

4. Hangzhou 

Hangzhou stands out among all the attractions in China. Famous for its well-preserved nature and the West Lake, it is one of the four Chinese garden cities and one of the seven old capitals of the country. West Lake has more than sixty cultural sites around, allowing you to enjoy its stunning nature. Guided cruise tours are also available at the location. You can board one of these cruises to learn more about the history and the best natural places in Hangzhou.

5. Guilin 

The beauty of Guilin attracts locals and visitors alike. It is among the leading natural gems.

Guilin has oddly-shaped mounts known as Karst Mountains all over the site. Visitors exploring Guilin get mesmerized by the mysterious caves in the mountains and tall bamboo trees on the riverside. You can spend a few hours with your family to explore the site to its best and click some great photographs with your loved ones.

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