Traveling to Italy – Easy Tips to Enjoy a Cost-effective yet Pleasant Visit to the Italian Region

Italy has numerous reasons behind its popularity. It showcases the brilliance of Renaissance creativity and the world’s best pizza. Italy defines the real meaning of romance for honeymoon couples, fun for families, and adventure for enthusiastic travelers. It is the country that provides peace for those who seek it.

Since Italy is a much-awaited destination, you cannot let your trip go without proper planning. We have gathered a list of tips that will allow you to explore Italy like an insider and save money.

These tips include other traveling tips, allowing you to visit every point in your visit. From knowing the best time to travel to Italy to what you should keep in your bags to what you should not pack, here are things to note before you fly to Italy.

Visit During Spring or Autumn 

Italy becomes hot during summer, so sightseeing in this season may be uncomfortable. Many tourists fly to Italy during summer breaks, making it heavily crowded.

Autumn and spring are the most suitable time to travel to Italy because of the pleasant weather, lesser crowd, and cheaper tariffs.

Know Basic Italian Language & Translator App 

Italians love tourists speaking their language. Familiarity with the Italian language, especially knowing some vital phrases, will help you interact with the locals in emergencies or states of confusion. Also, ensure to have a reputable translator app downloaded on your mobile phone to get help with the language issues.

Bring Pairs of Comfortable Shoes 

Sightseeing in most Italian cities involves lots of walking. Since you would be on foot most of the time, it is essential to pack at least two pairs of comfortable shoes.

Consider buying a pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes that do not hurt your feet after walking a few kilometers.

Know the Difference Between South & North Italy

While the north and south Italian regions are a portion of a single united country, they differ in terms of tradition, fashion, and cuisines. Make sure to research to know the most about which you plan to go.

Know the Custom in South Italy 

Southern Italy is habitual of taking a break in the afternoons. As most areas get hotter, the residents close their shops and go for a nap. They do not open shops on Sundays as well.

So, when you want to explore while eating and shopping, do it either in the morning or evening.

Be Careful of Putting the Right Salutation

When visiting Italy, it becomes necessary to be careful about putting the correct salutation. It is even more significant to choose between Mr. Or Ms. Etcetera to book the train tickets because Italy railways have separate compartments according to gender.

In case of the wrong salutation, you might experience difficulty boarding even if you have validated tickets.

Keep a Backup for Commuting 

Italy surprises tourists with its repeated transportation strikes. The administration announces such strikes in advance, but it is significant to stay vigilant and updated. Ideally, you should have a backup plan to avoid hassle and waste of money.

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