Unpacking The Six Best Tourist Destinations in Bali

Bali is a paradisiacal island in Indonesia that every traveler adds to their traveling list. You can have enough time to discover Bali from all the corners.

You will get acquainted with Balinese culture, explore several impressive sites, and make new friends while being there. The island is worth your time at least once in a lifetime.

We have listed the six best tourist attractions to visit in Bali. You will find these sites most interesting in the city during your trip. Read on!

1. Ubud Palace 

Ubud tends to be one of the tourists’ favorite sites in Bali. It lets you become familiar with the local culture in the most authentic way. You will love the pleasant atmosphere and unmatchable tourist attractions surrounded by forests. Tourists love to get lost in the vibrant streets and enjoy some of the mesmerizing sights, including Hindu-Balinese temples and Ubud Palace.

2. Tanah Lot Temple

It is among the top tourist attractions in Bali. Tanah Lot Temple is worth viewing, especially at twilight, though it is a chaotic time, and traveling can take hours to complete. Built on the top of a rock formation amid the sea, the Tanah Lot Temple is an exotic site in Bali.

3. Rice Terraces Jatiluwih

It is one of the most popular Indonesian attractions because of some rice fields for visitation. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Rice Terrace Jatiluwih is on the peak surrounded by hills. Reaching the top of the mountain for the rice field will allow you to witness the views from the terraces, the mountains in the landscape, and the rice fields under sunlight.

4. Mount Batur

Volcanoes are a part of the Indonesian region. If you love to view nature, make a tour to Mount Batur to enjoy the trip on the island. You might be reluctant to start the journey since its starts at three in the morning. However, when you get to the top with an affectionate local guide, it will allow you to have a typical breakfast and see the first daylight around the hills and volcano lakes. Remember, reaching Mount Batur is a difficult task, and you will find the track quite complicated to do alone. Therefore, it is wise to hire one of the available tours in Bali to make your visit comfortable.

5. Monkey Forest 

Monkey Forest is another awe-inspiring tourist attraction in Bali that attracts monkey lovers. You can occupy your valuable time in the Monkey forest to be around hundreds of mischief makers who live there without any disturbance. While the forest may tempt you to play with monkeys, they are still wild creatures. Stay at a distance from monkeys and be careful of your luggage as any monkey can grab anything from you and run away.

6. Nusa Penida’s Tembeling Forest 

It is a breathtaking destination in Nusa Penida. It consists of natural pools and a beach. Unfortunately, not every tourist visits this paradise-inspired site, and they prefer other famous waterfalls and seashores in Bali. Tembeling forest is in the southwest part of Nusa Penida. It also has Kelingking Beach, known for being one of the world’s best swimming beaches.

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